Comparison Guide: Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Daybed Reproduction

Base Price: $ 2,240

The Barcelona Daybed or Couch was designed in the late 1920's by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Riech, his companion and working partner. This iconic Daybed was created for a one of the many projects they were working on at the time, although it is unclear when exactly this was created.

We manufacture our Mies Barcleona Daybed reproductions very close to the "signature" design using full-grain, 100% aniline-dyed leather and high quality hand polished stainless steel frames. There was only one height daybed that was originally designed, however, we offer our daybed in two different heights: 15 and 18 inches.

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Comparison Feature: "Signature" Brand Modern Classics Brand Most Others
High Quality Italian Leather in wide variety of colors Yes YES- 17 leather colors Limited selection: black, white or tan
Stainless steel legs polished to high luster NO, Mild steel with Chrome plating YES, Stainless Steel polished No, mild steel with chrome plating
Hardwood frame; 1.5 inches thick; braced Yes YES, frame is solid walnut with medium or rosewood stain or hardwood with black stain; two wood cross braces; 1.5" x 4" No, pressboard frame with wood veneer; metal braces instead of wood cross braces
Leather belting for straps; finished on both top and sides; color matches the cushion No, top finished only YES, real belted leather; color matched to cushion No, faux leather straps; don't always match the cushion
Real Leather on back and sides of cushions Yes YES, Italian top grain leather used on top and sides and most of underneath the cushion No, faux leather backs and sides
Foam Density adjusted for comfort Yes YES, we use HR (High Resilient), Multi-Density Foam, Dacron wrapped for superb cushion comfort and durability No, thin cushion with no extra padding, comfort level poor
Available in Two Heights No YES, your choice of 15 or 18 inch bench height No
Retail Price $5,000 $2,240 ???
Exhibition Barcelona Daybed  
Overall: 76.5"w x 37"d x 15"h (18" with 12" leg)
Seat Height: 15" or 18" with 12" leg
$2,240 (standard leather)  
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Modern Classics Furniture offers two levels of Leather for the Mies van der Rohe series: "Standard" and "Premium". Each of the these groupings feature:

  • Full-grain leather from Grade A hides
  • 100% aniline-dyed
  • Made in Italy and imported to our factory
  • No split hides

We are happy to mail you a physical piece of leather so you can hold it in your hands. Just give a call or e-mail us with your address. Also, if you don't see the color you want, just let us know and we can try to source it.

Standard Leather

Below are the swatches of the Standard leather colors we offer for the Mies van der Rohe Collection. Our standard leathers are full-grain, 100% aniline-dyed, corrected with a slight embossing. We do not use split hides leather. Leather thickness is generally 1.0 - 1.2 mm depending on application of seating component for stretching and tailoring the upholstery design and condition. Click on any of these swatches to see an enlarged view.

L103- Polar White Leather L107- Snow White: Leather L115- Café Au Lait Leather L119- Neutral Tan Leather L131- Cocoa Brown Leather
Cafe au Lait
L135- Java Brown Leather L139- Charcoal Gray Leather L143- Standard Black Leather L147-Standard Red Leather
Premium Leather

Below are the swatches of the Premium leather colors we offer for the Mies van der Rohe Collection. There is generally a 12% - 20% up-charge for all Premium Leathers. Our Premium leathers are full-grain, 100% aniline-dyed. Our Premium grade leathers have a soft feel to them and much of the hides natural grain patterns are retained. They are also a little shinier than the Standard Leather. Premium leather thickness is generally the same the standard leather: 1.0 - 1.2 mm depending on application of seating component for stretching and tailoring the upholstery design and condition. Click on any of these swatches to see an enlarged view.

Premium Leather

Click on any of these swatches to see an enlarged view.

L211- Premium - Beige White Leather L227- Premium - Golden Tan Leather L228- Premium - Honey Tan Leather L235- Premium - Espresso Leather L243- Premium - Shiny Black Leather L244- Premium - Matte Black Leather L247- Premium - Red Leather
Shiny Black
Matte Black

Click on any image to see an enlarged view.

Walnut Medium (Solid Walnut with Medium Stain) Walnut Rosewood (Solid Walnut with Rosewood Stain Ebonized Black (Hardwood With Solid Black Finish) Walnut Dark (Walnut Wood With Dark Stain)

Here at Modern Classics Furniture, we focus tightly on manufacturing and selling furniture in the niche market known as Modern Classics furniture reproductions. Since 1998, we have been a recognized manufacturing and distribution source of modern classic furnishings. Our customers include world renowned architects, interior designers, office furniture dealers, corporate buyers, offices, airports, museums, hotels, and homeowners. We only sell what we make, thus allowing us to control the production process.

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