George Nelson

George Nelson was, together with Charles & Ray Eames, one of the founding fathers of American modernism. Nelson is sometimes thought of as "The Creator of Beautiful and Practical Things".

The best known George Nelson designs include the 1955 "Coconut Chair", with a triangular seat inspired by a piece of coconut shell. The 1956 "Marshmallow" sofa is another innovative George Nelson design, with a seat and back made of individual round cushions. We are happy to offer some of the highest quality reproductions available of these pieces.
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Price: $1,350.00
Item Number: MC-5808 Inspired By: George Nelson Coconut Chair
Dimensions (in): 42w x 32d x 36h; Interior: 42w x 17d; Seat Height: 16.5h.
Price: $540.00
Item Number: MC-5830 Inspired By: George Nelson 48 inch Bench
Dimensions (in): 48w x 20d x 16h; Interior: 48w x 20d; Seat Height: 16h.
Price: $1,720.00
Item Number: MC-5832 Inspired By: George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa
Dimensions (in): 51w x 32.5d x 33h; Interior: 51w x 20d; Seat Height: 17h.
Price: $1,290.00
Item Number: MC-5833 Dimensions (in): 39w x 28.5d x 34.5h; Desk Height: 29h
Features: Stainless Steal Legs; Solid wood; Bright colors