Mies van der Rohe

Mies van der Rohe is one of the pioneers of Modernism. It is without debate that this innovative architect and designer was a pivotal figure in the Modernist Movement.

Mies van der Rohe made great waves in the late 1920’s with his "Refined Comfort” design philosophy. His combined use of the modern; stainless steel, new technologies in welding and metalwork, with the traditional; opulent leather, tailored upholstery, to create truly innovative and exceptionally beautiful pieces. His chair designed for the Pavilion of German representation at the 1929 Universal Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain stands to be the iconic piece that many agree embodies all of his principals and philosophies in one masterpiece of design.

During the 1920’s Mies furthered the discourse on modernist design and developing the careers of some of the greatest designers and artists in history. In the late 1930’s Mies escaped pre war Germany and came to the United States. His career and reputation continued as he developed an internationally renowned architecture practice.

We offer the finest reproductions of Mies van der Rohe furniture on the market. Using only the finest material available in combination with the designer’s original specifications, we have created pieces that are true to the exact geometry of the original Mies van der Rohe designs and exceed his expectations for quality. The end result is a work of truly "Refined Comfort”.
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Price: $2,130.00
Item Number: MC-1002 Dimensions (in): 51.5w x 31.5d x 31h; Interior: 51.5w x 21.5d; Seat Height: 17.5h.
Price: $2,810.00
Item Number: MC-1003 Dimensions (in): 71w x 31.5d x 31h; Seat Interior: 71w x 18d; Seat Height: 17.5h.
Price: $1,460.00
Item Number: MC-1005 Dimensions (in): 37w x 37d x 15h; Seat Interior: 37w x 37d; Seat Height: 15h.
Price: $2,240.00
Item Number: MC-1006 Inspired By: Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Couch
Dimensions (in): 76.5w x 37d x 14h; Interior: 76.5w x 37d; Seat Height: 15.75h.
Price: $1,410.00
Item Number: MC-1007 Dimensions (in): 52w x 21.5d x 16h; Interior: 52w x 21.5d; Seat Height: 16h.
Price: $1,760.00
Item Number: MC-1008 Dimensions (in): 72w x 21.5d x 15h; Interior: 72w x 21.5d; Seat Height: 16h.
Price: $1,020.00
Item Number: MC-1009 Dimensions (in): 41w x 15d x 15h; Seat Interior: 41w x 15d; Seat Height: 15h.
Price: $800.00
Item Number: MC-1020 Dimensions (in): 17w x 18d x 29h; Seat: 15w x 15d; Seat Height: 29h.
Price: $800.00
Item Number: MC-1035 Dimensions (in): 20w x 22d x 32h; Seat Interior: 20w x 17.25d; Seat Height: 17.5h.
Price: $850.00
Item Number: MC-1062 Dimensions (in): 27.5w x 27.5d x 21.5h.
Price: $660.00
Item Number: MC-1064 Inspired by: Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Table
Dimensions (in): 24w x 24d x 19h.
Price: $780.00
Item Number: MC-91001-CUSHIONs ONLY CUSHIONS ONLY for the Barcelona Style Chair
Price: $48.00
Item Number: MC-LEG Accessory Only