Not all Iconic Modern Classic Furniture is made to our high standards

Shopping for Iconic Modern Classics furniture such as the Barcelona Chair, LC2 Chair or Womb Chair is not like shopping for a television or a car, in that, once you decide on a model to purchase, you can be sure that model will be the same no matter where you decide to buy it. With Iconic Modern Classic furniture, there is a wide variance of quality and accuracy on the market. So, when you are out there searching for a store to purchase your modern classic furniture, you will find several websites selling similar looking products, but know they are usually either: A: More expensive, or B: Really cheap. Ours seem to be in the middle and you may wonder why this is so. Essentially, it boils down to a trade off between price and quality and these three factors:

  • Does the item closely match the authentic design in sewing details, dimensions proportions and materials?
  • Does the item use quality materials such as stainless steel, 100% aniline-dyed leather on all exposed surfaces, quality bearings, hardwood frames, mortise and tenon joints, etc.?
  • Does the manufacturer/seller of the furniture have a long history in producing these classics, have essential quality control steps in place and adhere to those steps and does the seller actually have any control over the manufacturing?

We at Modern Classics Furniture go to great lengths to see that we say YES to each one of these factors. That is why we created our Review and Comparison Guides to help spot the differences between our products and the "signature" brand and the other similar looking products you will find on the market. These Comparison guides are not meant to be exhaustive, or objective, but to help point out some key differences from our products (the Modern Classics Furniture brand) vs. the "signature" brands vs. the less expensive knock-offs on the market.

We have created a Review Guide for the following products. Click an image to go directly to that product's guide.