Barcelona Chair Re-Strap Service

Price: $470.00
Item No.: MC-ReStrap Chair
Utilizing our expertise and experience building Barcelona style chairs, we're now offering our services to restrap and assemble your own Knoll -or any other brand's- Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair. 

Over the years we've had many customers come to us seeking to upgrade and refurbish their Barcelona chairs. However, once receiving our replacement straps and cushions, many people have not been able to install the straps. This installation process is not as easy as it look. It requires the proper tools, finesse, and know-how. This runs the risk of permanently damaging the chairs or straps. With our restrapping services, you can be assured that your straps and cushions will return properly assembled. 

How does this service work? 
  • First you will purchase this restrapping option and the replacement straps necessary to fit your chair frames
  • Next we will send you a box for your frames and arrange shipment of your pieces to our facility in Bellingham
  • Once we receive your pieces, our expert chair assemblers will install the replacement straps on to your frame and we will ship them back to you. As an add on option, you can purchase replacement cushions, which will also be installed and shipped with the rest of your chair

Purchasing our replacement straps is required for this add-on service. Replacing your chair's cushions is optional. Please measure your current straps and select the proper length when purchasing the replacement straps. Price for restrapping service is per chair. We will also need a photo or two of your current chair to make sure your chair qualifies for this service.

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Date: 10/17/2021 6:29:50 PM