Barcelona Ottoman Replacement Straps

Inspired By: Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Footstool

Base Price: $21.00
Price as Configured: $21.00
  • Belt Strap Style:
Item No.: MC-91004-ST
Price: $100
Key Features:
  • Two widths to choose from
  • Color Matching is extra
This item is the Strap (or belts) which fit one of several models of the Iconic Barcelona Ottoman designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1928, known worldwide as the Barcelona Footstool. Since we began offering our belts, we have come to learn that there are generally 3 different models of the Barcelona Ottoman made over the past 60+ years. The strap requirements differ for each model. So double check your ottoman model before ordering to ensure you order the correct size belt.

Knoll Barcelona Ottoman:
First, of course, are the the Knoll brand Barcelona Chairs which uses screws (on the older models) or rivets (on the newer models) to attach the straps. There are 7 straps on the ottoman. The 28.5 inch straps will fit both the back and seat cushions. These straps are 1.5 inches wide.

Replica Barcelona Ottoman:
Next, there are the replicas from Italy and China which generally use rivets to attach the straps to the frame. There are 7 straps on the ottoman. The 28.5 inch straps will fit both the back and seat cushions. These straps are 1.5 inches wide.

Argentina Made Barcelona Ottoman:
And finally, there is an Argentina brand of Ottoman which were made in the 1960s through 1970s (more or less). These models have bolt together frames and have straps that wrap around the frame and are sewn or riveted together at each end to form a loop. There are 6 straps on the ottoman. The straps for these chairs need to be longer and wider:  32 inch straps will fit both the back and seat cushions; and these straps are 1.75 inches wide.

Both our standard straps (28.5 inch) and Argentina Style straps are made of "belt grade" cowhide leather.  When you order 17 standard straps, we will include the snap kits you see in the photo. When you order the Argentina Style straps, we include the 4 fasteners needed to secure the belt with the loop.

Ordering Information:

This product item is one strap (or belt). It takes 7 straps to completely replace the straps on a Barcelona Ottoman and 6 Straps for the Argentina Style. 

In addition to the belts, you will need to purchase the Color Match product to get the belts dyed to your prescribed color. This fee is $100 per color per order, regardless to how many straps you order. If you are ordering one of our replacement cushions sets, we will match to that leather. If you already have your cushions, and want us to provide the straps to match those, we can do that too by either getting a sample of your existing belt or the leather from your cushions.  

Dimensions for Standard Style Belts (Knoll and Replicas):
28.5" L x 1.5" wide x .10" thick

Dimensions for Argentina Style Belts:
32"L x 1.5" wide x .10" thick

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