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Chaise Loungers (Chaise lounge is French for long chair) originated in the Rococo period in France, when upholstered chairs long enough to support the legs were developed for the nobility.  Modern furniture designers Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand created their Chaise lounge, which inspired other designs by Mies van der Rohe, Poul Kjaerholm, Charles Eames among others.

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Price:: $2,240.00

Item Number: MC-1006 Inspired By: Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Couch
Dimensions (in): 76.5w x 37d x 14h; Interior: 76.5w x 37d; Seat Height: 15.75h.
Price:: $2,500.00

Item Number: MC-5904 Inspired By: Poul Kjaerholm PK80 Daybed
Dimensions (in): 74.5w x 32d x 13h; Interior: 74.5w x 32d; Seat Height: 13h.
Price:: $2,810.00

Item Number: MC-7003 Inspired By: Eileen Gray Daybed
Dimensions (in): 75w x 34.5d x 24.5h; Interior: 75w x 32.5d; Seat Height: 16h.
Price:: $2,030.00

Item Number: MC-5908 Inspired By: Poul Kjaerholm PK20 Lounger
Dimensions (in): 26.5w x 33d x 36h; Interior: 24w x 18d; Seat Height: 16.5h.
Price:: $1,970.00

Item Number: MC-5909 Inspired By: Poul Kjaerholm PK24 Chaise Lounge
Dimensions (in): 24w x 64d x 32.5h; Interior: 24w x 43d; Seat Height: 5h.
Date: 2/23/2018 4:25:52 PM