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Grant Featherston, the Australian designer, is recognized as the originator of industrial design in Australia. Prior to serving in World War II, Featherston was a self-taught glass and lighting panel designer. During the time he spent in the aircraft industry during the war, he became familiar with bent plywood technology, which inspired the iconic furniture he would create upon his return to Melbourne in 1951 for his ‘Contour Series.’ The common curvature element in the pieces from this series is designed to fit the natural curves of the human body.

Following the ‘Contour Series,’ Grant became a renowned figure in the Australian industrial design field. In 1956 he opened his own showroom, Featherston Contract Interiors, and also served as a consultant to Aristoc Industries.

The Australian designer became a foundation member of the Society of Designers for Industry. This was predecessor to the Design Institute of Australia, considered to be the establishment of industrial design in Australia and still maintains his legacy even after his death in 1995. His Good Design Award winning furniture pieces still maintain popularity and are represented in National galleries and museums worldwide.