Kjaerholm Style: PK33 Style Stool

Inspired By: Poul Kjaerholm PK33 Stool

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Key Features:
  • Dimensions (inches): 20w x 20d x 15h
  • Premium stainless steel and wood constructions true to the original
  • Padded upholstered seat with high density foam
  • Choice of Leather Colors
The PK33 Stool was designed by Kjaerholm in 1959 and clearly shows the evolution of Kjaerholm thinking as a furniture architect. Drawing on the construction details of the PK71 nesting tables and the PK80 daybed, this round stool was assembled from a diverse set of materials: steel, leather, rubber O-rings and painted plywood. The strict geometric form of the stool reduced the work to the barest of shapes, leaving only the structure and materials to provide inspiration.

Kjaerholm"s construction of the PK33 stool consisted of flat stainless steel bar stock curved and welded in the center. Placed on top of that frame was a round plywood sheet with cutouts to allow attachment it to the steel frame. The leather cushion with a tapered edge that slopes toward the middle then sits on top of this frame, with the O-rings to keep it in place. When the cushions are removed, multiple stools can be stacked in a spiral for storage, with the Orings acting as bumpers to prevent the steel bases from scratching the painted plywood.

Our PK33 matches the dimensions of the original design and incorporates virtually all of the construction techniques employed by Kjaerholm when designing this work. We use brushed-satin stainless for the legs and support, but instead of plywood, we use a MDF wood under the cushion. We use rubber O-rings to connect the steel sheet to the leg frame, and also Velcro on the straps to keep the seat cushion in place (an improvement obviously not available to Kjaerholm.)

Offered in over 15 colors of leather, this iconic piece worthy of museums is certainly one that would look fantastic in today"s modern setting.

Dimensions (inches):
Overall: 20w x 20d x 15h
Seat Interior: 20w x 20d
Seat Height: 15h
Weight: 20lbs

For this product, Modern Classics Furniture offers three levels of Top-Grain Italian Leathers (L1-Standard, L2-Premium and L5-Distressed). Each of the these groupings feature:
  • Top-grain Italian leather from Grade A hides
  • Semi aniline-dyed (standard) and 100% aniline-dyed (premium)
  • Made at Italian tanneries and sent to our factory
  • Have a UV and Moisture Guard built into the non-toxic vegetable dyes
  • Are not split hides or bonded leather
We are happy to mail you a physical piece of leather so you can hold it in your hands.

Our Standard Leathers (denoted with the prefix L1) are top-grain, aniline-dyed, and then color corrected with a slight embossing to create a more uniform grain pattern. Our Premium leathers (denoted with the prefix L2) are also top-grain, aniline-dyed but have a softer feel to them and much of the hides natural grain patterns are retained. Our Distressed Leathers (denoted with the prefix L5) are also top-grain, aniline-dyed but have a distressed look to them. L5 leathers will show rubbings and have a more waxy feel. All our leathers are considered equally durable and are ideal for home or commercial use. To read more about leather, read our A Guide to Understanding Upholstery Leather: A Primer.

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