Saarinen Tulip Bistro Table 36 Inch Round - White Quartz with Grey Veins

Inspired By: Eero Saarinen Tulip Table Series

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Key Features:
  • 36 inch diameter and 29.5 inch height (approx)
  • Top: .7 in thick Quartz 
  • Base: Cast aluminum encased in a glossy white shell
  • Beveled table edge for ultra thin look
Note: This item is the Saarinen Style 36 inch round Tulip dining Table with White Quartz with Gray Veins and white aluminum base.

Eero Saarinen, created his Pedestal Collection in the mid-1950s. An integral part of the series, the Tulip Table mimics the same sleek design and pedestal base of the wildly popular Tulip Chair. This stunningly simplistic table is versatile, beautiful and ready to transform your space.

Featured here in the Quartz top and gloss white aluminum base. Our table is custom made for us with the standard table height of 29.5 inches (not 28.5 inches like most other sellers have), and we offer a quartz top with the same edge detail as the original.

Quartz is a durable, nonporous material, most commonly used on countertops. Quartz has a variety of different colors and textures, and this quickship is one of the chosen colors of tops: a white quartz with grey veins. This material also comes with a stain resistant finish that gives it a longer life free of discoloration. By its simplicity, it can complement any design choice. We have decided to discontinue our offering of Carrara Marble tops due to long term performance of this material. Between the continual upkeep and lack of stain protection offered, we believe the quartz is a superior production for the same look.

Dimensions (inches):
Overall: 36d x 29.25h
Weight: 250lbs
Date: 4/14/2024 9:20:48 AM