Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon was born to an English father and a French/Latvian mother in 1959 in Sfax, Tunisia. At the age of four, the family moved to England, where Tom acquired his education. The self-made welder dropped out of the Chelsea School of Art and joined the band Funkapolitan to play bass before teaching himself welding and producing furniture afterward using recycled material to explore his creativity. He opened a laboratory called Space where other designers and artists could influence each other design-wise and creatively and perhaps even collaborate.

Tom created the gold spiral light in 1988, which ignited an interest in lighting objects. He focused on ready-made forms like the traffic bollard that became an immediate success in 1994. He used technology to fuel his interest in lighting techniques. As his international reputation grew in the late 80s, he caught the attention of an Italian furniture design company, Cappellini. In collaboration with this company, Tom's S chair evolved from a prototype woven from recycled raffia and rubber. It developed for industrial production, and due to its launch by Cappellini, it became prevalent and iconic.

His success gave him a spot at the Habitat as the head of creative design and then its creative director up to 2008. His time at Habitat taught him that there is more to a product than design; it has to have quality and also the functionality. Tom has received many awards, including the prestigious Order of the British Empire awarded by the Queen in 2000. In 2002, Dixon started a company that successfully developed his contemporary lighting and furniture, a hit. Later, he designed a collection of lights that were conceived and manufactured through digital-dependent techniques.  

 The successful man made a name for himself with Adidas in 2013, with Adidas releasing a sportswear collection designed by him. Currently, his brand has made over 600 products across more than 60 countries. Additionally, his works have been acquired by famous museums worldwide and are a permanent collection in some of them like MoMA, Tokyo, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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Date: 6/17/2024 2:40:25 PM