Wegner Style: Papa Bear Chair

Inspired By: Hans Wegner Teddy Bear Chair

Base Price: $2,000.00
Price as Configured: $2,000.00
  • Premium Leather Choices:
    Smooth Leather Choices:
    Distressed Leather Choices:
Wood Finish Choices:
W06- Light Oak Finish W13- Dark Walnut Finish
Item No.: MC-6441
Key Features:
  • Dimensions: 36w x 39d x 41h
  • Traditional hardwood internal frame construction
  • Sold hardwood legs and frame details
  • High Resilient Multi-Density Foam
  • Choice of wood finish colors
  • Choice of Leather Colors
Our Wegner inspired Teddy Bear chair is larger than others you will find on the market. The standard wood finish for the Teddy Bear Chair is Genuine North American Walnut Hardwood finished with a Dark Stain, 16-step wood finish that includes three PU/PE top coat applications. We also offer the wood in Natural Oak.

Overall: 36w x 39d x 41h
Seat Interior: 22w x 24d
Seat Height: 17h
Arm Height: 25.5h
Weight: 90lbs

The Wegner "Teddy Bear" chair, so called in part because its armrests have been compared to paws embracing the person seated. Designed in 1951 by Hans Wegner, the teddy bear chair is another example of a Wegner chair design pushing into new territories of modernism. Wegner continually explored new ways to form wood into chairs, to experiment with materials and provide the workshop with exciting and difficult tasks. In a recent Elie Tahari ad, a model in a slinky dress poses with an orange lounge chair wearing a pair of the designer's heeled sandals. The chair is no random, ordinary prop. Mr. Tahari, a designer best known for polished, urbane clothing, says he is a big fan of that style of chair. Twenty years ago, Mr. Tahari was initially attracted to "the look and structure of it" and Mr. Wegner's use of natural materials. He knew nothing of Mr. Wegner back then. "I couldn"t even pronounce his name. I'm not a maven of history or of art. I just go by feel." It was the feel that sold him. "You feel like it's hugging you. You feel like you're protected. It feels good."
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