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Corbusier Style Tables

One of the most influential of 20th century architects, Chareli-Edouard Jeanneret, who chose to be know as "Le Corbusierâ€Â, was also responsible for some of the Modern Movements best-known furniture. Our reproductions of the Le Corbusier chairs include three models: the LC2, LC3, and the LC3:Relaxed.

Note: The Le Corbusier name is a registered trademark of the Le Corbusier Estate. The products sold on the ModernClassics.com website that appear to be similar to the designs of are just that, "similarâ€Â, and do not bear the signature of Le Corbusier, nor are they manufactured by or affiliated with the
Le Corbusier Estate or Cassina, S.P.A.
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Price:: $460.00

Item Number: MC-2052 Inspired By: Corbusier Side Table
Dimensions (in): 28w x 28d x 15h.
Price:: $520.00

Item Number: MC-2051 Inspired By: Corbusier Coffee Table
Dimensions (in): 47.3w x 31.5d x 14h.
Price:: $560.00

Item Number: MC-2053 Dimensions (in): 48w x 31d x 28h.
Features: Polished stainless steel tubular legs; Mild steel frame painted black; 1/2 inch tempered glass top
Price:: $1,900.00

Item Number: MC-2056 Inspired By: Corbusier LC6 Dining Table
Dimensions (in): 88w x 33.5d x 27.5h - 29h.
Date: 4/7/2018 10:33:03 AM